Participation in the business development of the companies:

  • The regular and frequent dialogue with the owner family and management forms the basis for assistance in strategy development and improved performance as well as long term profitable growth.
  • We believe that the most suitable platform for this business support can be achieved within an advisory body or part time board membership.

Support in the realization of major projects:

We specialize in

  • supporting and developing, establishing and adjusting family and corporate governance,
  • adjusting the corporate structure so as to facilitate corporate development
  • establishing and maintaining a compliance system
  • repositioning individual products and services in the market considering the competitive environment restructuring the product portfolio
  • restructuring the product portfolio
  • global expansion projects
  • streamlining and focussing innovation initiatives
  • acquisitions and divestments
  • optimization of the value chain
  • financial restructuring, private equity participations, IPO
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