1. Industry sectors
    • In depth knowledge of Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Automotive Supply
  2. Functional experience:
    • General Management (eg. Chairman of Board of Directors)
    • In depth experience of strategic and operational planning, strategic and operational control, personnel management and finance
  3. International experience:
    • Expatriate experience in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Turkey.
  4. Management responsibilities
    • Over 20 years as Chairman, CEO and Managing Director of companies with a size between 800 – 4700 employees
    • These employees were managed and developed in various, large groups in different countries to achieve the successful business development
  5. Special competences:
    • Strategic direction with a clear business focus
    • Putting into effect organizational and resource restructuring taking into account country specific issues
    • Selection and development of senior management
    • Selection and development of senior management
    • Acquisition and disposal of companies and business segments
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